What Colour is Your Leadership Brain? #GlobalEdSsChat

Sheila Glazov, a Blue Brain Passionate educator and internationally best-selling author, will be joining #GlobalEdSsChat on Tuesday December 8th at 1PM EST for their monthly Tweet and Talk.

This month’s topic: Building and Keeping Virtual Relationships

(Learn more and get involved by clicking the above link)

Sheila will be talking with our Student Leadership team, guest classes, and students around the world about how we build and keep virtual relationships. We hope you will join #GlobalEdSsChat as Sheila helps us explore the complex nature of our personality traits and talents so we can create more harmonious relationships in our lives.

In preparation for our Tweet and Talk on Tuesday, Sheila would like all participating students to learn their brain colours!

Directions for Determining your Brain Colours

  • To determine the numerical ranking of your Brain Colours, read the attributes and abilities in all four “Leadership” Brain Color quadrants (boxes) below. You might see a little bit of yourself in each quadrant.
  • Everyone is a “Brainbow” blending of their Brain Color personality, attributes, and abilities.
  • If you have a difficult time deciding, select 1 or 2 attributes, such a CHANGE or MY
    SELF-ESTEEM in each quadrant to make it easier.
  • The four Brain Color designators are:
    • Comfort Color = #4
    • Blending Color = #3
    • Convertible Color = #2
    • Clouded Color #1
  • The Brain Color you determined to have the highest or most value of #4 is your Comfort Color.  It is your dominant Brain Color.
  • The Brain Color you determined to be the second highest or not as much value of #3 is your Blending Color. It influences your Comfort Color and helps you easily shift between those two Brain Colours.
  • The colour you determined to be third or not too much value of #2 is your Convertible Color. It is in the median ranking and can exchange positions with your Blending Color or Clouded Color, which is your least valued Brain Color.
  • The colour you determined to have the lowest rank or least value of #1 is your Clouded Color. It often is the spark that ignites conflict within yourself and with other Brain Colours.
  • Have fun and enjoy discovering your Brain Colours!

What Colour is Your Leadership Brain? PDF

Sheila’s Blue Brain delights in knowing that she has encouraged adults and students to recognize and respect the best in themselves and others which is the essence of her workshops and books.

All of the Blue Brains @GlobalEdSsChat thank Sheila for sharing her time and expertise with us!

Learn more about Sheila by visiting her website www.sheilaglazov.com and follow Sheila on Twitter @SheilaGlazov 

Sheila has found enjoyment and encouragement from these poems since she was 10 years old. Over the years she has shared the poems with her family, students, friends, and clients.

She added the poems as Blue Brain Gift of encouragement and enjoyment for all the students.

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