Global Student Chat @GlobalStudentChat was founded by Leigh Cassell and Jennifer Casa-Todd in the Spring 2017 to connect K-12 students across Ontario and empower student voice.

Based on the success of #GlobalStudentChat, our team decided to go global in 2019!

What is GlobalStudentChat?

#GlobalStudentChat is a student-led chat that connects K-12 students around the world to discuss topics and questions related to character education, social justice, and citizenship. #GlobalStudentChat creates opportunities for students to network with others, gain perspective, build relationships with their peers in a literacy-rich learning environment, as well as experience social media as a powerful platform for learning. Let’s work together to lead, learn, and build a positive digital footprint. Join us!


Connecting K-12 students around the world to lead and learn.


Connecting and empowering K-12 students around the world to lead, learn, share and act together to create positive change.


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