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Being a member of @GlobalEdSsChat has really been an amazing experience! Having the opportunity to discuss things that matter to me with other passionate students helped me find my voice and has taught me a lot about digital leadership!

~ Darcie Brohman, Former Lead Student



Ethan Duncan, Student Leader

Ethan Duncan is 15-years-old and is passionate about using social media as a tool to make a positive impact on the world around him. Ethan began dancing at age 4. He recently received three Double Diamond Awards at Talent on Parade in May 2019, as well as awarded the Tap Category Cup Award, and received the Overall Performance Award at the Fluid Dance Competition in January 2019. Ethan teaches dance at his local studio as well because he wants to help build a boy’s program. Being a boy dancer is hard, and he wants boys to know it’s ok to be in dance. He wants boy dancers to feel like they belong. In addition to actively competing and performing in dance, Ethan loves participating in regional and state science fairs, frequently receiving gold medal awards in his categories and special awards for his success. Ethan was also selected as a student Ignite speaker at ISTE2019.  @Glitcher1313 

Annora Elias, Student Leader

My name is Annora Elias. I am a band officer in my school’s marching and concert band and play flute. I also sing and play bass guitar in my church’s youth group and am a small group leader for 6th and 7th grade girls. In my spare time I like to work on ukulele and piano and graphic design. I am in my second year of my schools SWAT team, which stands for Students Who Advocate Technology. We are a student leadership team that helps students and teachers with their technology issues and anything they could need like website design, graphics, and google issues. I am very passionate about using my voice for what I believe in and love to use platforms like the GlobalEdSsChat to connect with students that do as well!


Niyati Jain, Student Leader

Niyati Jain is a Grade 10 student at Richmond Hill High School. She has many hobbies that include travelling, baking, watching movies, and more. She likes trying new and different courses and exploring new activities. Niyati can speak 4 languages, Hindi, English, French & Arabic. She is a very active student and is an active member of many clubs. She has also used different media platforms for spreading awareness & discussing problems around the world.


Erin Kim, Student Leader

Erin Kim is recent high school graduate. As an International Baccalaureate student, she enjoys interacting with other students with a passion for learning. Erin also loves musical theatre and has performed and taught over 15 shows since elementary school and is now a private vocal instructor. With her dedication to spreading the importance of mental well-being, she acts as a youth mental health advocate both in and out of school through the organization Jack.org. Her goals this year is to promote #GlobalEDSsChat through various social media platforms, as she firmly believes that students should have the opportunity to voice their opinions beyond the scope of the classroom. She is looking forward to building new relationships with students around the world through Twitter discussions!


Garvey Mortley, Student Leader

Garvey Mortley is a Middle schooler from Bethesda Maryland. She plays lacrosse, field hockey, and the drums. She is a podcaster with her mom and her sisters on the LetsK12Better podcast. Garvey has been featured in Smithsonian magazine and The New York Times twice. She is passionate about racial justice, Roblox, and waffles, follow her on twitter @GM_playZYT

Sam Nolan, Student Leader

I am in grade 10 and go to school at LDSS. I love coding, helping out where I can and doing things for this chat! My hobbies include swimming, coding, video editing/making, taking Semi Professional drone Photos/Videos, and playing baseball and basketball.



Leigh Cassell, Co-Founder

Leigh Cassell is a mom, educator, adventurer, and  entrepreneur. She is a partner in learning with teachers, students, industry leaders and NGOs around the world. Leigh is an Education Consultant, Founder and Owner of Digital Human Library, and Chair of the Digital Human Library Foundation. Leigh is a dynamic influencer and reflective practitioner, highly skilled in building networked learning communities in ways that facilitate relationships for learning, build critical digital literacies, cultivate emotional intelligence and nurture leadership in education. Leigh has received the highest level of awards in education from the Ontario Public School Board Association and the Ontario Teachers Federation, and she has been recognized internationally by Apple and Microsoft for her innovation.

Leigh Cassell Consulting

Jennifer Casa-Todd, Co-Founder

Jennifer Casa-Todd is wife, mom, and a Teacher-Librarian at Cardinal Carter CHS in Aurora, a former Literacy Consultant for the York Catholic District School Board,  and the author of the book, Social LEADia. She also is a grad student, and a food-loving, book-loving Ukulele player-want-to-be. She is passionate about showing teachers and students how they can use technology and social media to make the world a better place. ​

Endless Possibilities

Michael Drezek, Lead Teacher

Michael is a husband, father of two and the District Technology Integrator for Lake Shore CSD in Angola. He is a contributing author to the book DigCitKids and has written the foreword to the book The Journey to the Y in You. He was recently named NYSCATE Educator of the Year and serves on the District Technology and Mentor Committees. He is a member of the Western New York Technology Integrators Advisory Panel, Flipgrid Student Voice Executive Board, a US Ambassador to Innovation Lab Schools (#GlobalGoalsSchools) and an advocate for digital citizenship, global collaboration, student voice, and immersive learning experiences. Outside of classrooms and when not on an adventure with his 3-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son, Michael can be found paddleboarding, kayaking, playing ice hockey, or cheering on his favorite sports teams, the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors.

A special thank you to past leaders of GlobalEdSsChat:

Student Leaders

  • Darcie Brohman
  • Ella Grace Craig
  • Austin Gagnier
  • Lindsey Keene
  • Nigel Klemencic
  • Emiliano Laing
  • Rylin Wormington

Lead Teachers

  • Brock Baker
  • Allison Fuisz
  • Nicole Kaufman


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