#GlobalEdSsChat Tweet and Talk

#GlobalEdSsChat Tweet and Talk is a short 20-30 minute conversation about a chosen topic between our #GlobalEdSsChat student panel, student guest panelists, and an expert. The conversation is hosted on Streamyard and live streamed to Youtube. The Tweet and Talk is intended to inspire and provoke discussion within a larger K-12 student community on Twitter. Each month the Tweet and Talk is recorded and posted on the GlobalEdSsChat website. If you aren’t able to attend the Tweet and Talk, we recommend using the recording as a provocation before participating in the K-12 Slow Chat.

STEP 1: 15 Minutes Before #GlobalEdSsChat Tweet and Talk Begins

  • Review the #GlobalEdSsChat questions with your students
  • Ask students to review their #GlobalEdSsChat answers and have their Docs open and ready
  • Teachers and students login to Twitter (Remember that multiple students 35+ can be logged into the same Twitter account at the same time)
  • Search for #GlobalEdSsChat and open the feed. All tweets that contain the hashtag will show up here.
  • Visit our website and open the blog post for today’s chat. The live Tweet and Talk event will be broadcast there.

STEP 2: #GlobalEdSsChat Tweet and Talk Begins!

  • The live broadcast will begin. Tweet and Talk moderators, student panelists, and our expert guest will introduce themselves and begin discussing Question #1.
  • Students who are watching begin tweeting their answers, ideas, and questions, while at the same time interacting with other students on Twitter by liking, quoting/ replying to other students’ tweets.
  • Subsequent questions will be posted to further the discussion. Students who are watching will follow the same process for each question discussed.

STEP 3: #GlobalEdSsChat Tweet and Talk Broadcast Ends, But Don’t Leave!

  • The Tweet and Talk Live Broadcast ends after 20 minutes, but #GlobalEdSsChat continues for an additional 40 minutes!
  • Student will continue discussing the questions from the Tweet and Talk. The questions that weren’t covered during the Tweet and Talk will be posted in a timely manner over the next 40 minutes.


  • When the conversation slows down, there are different things you could be doing with students such as:
      • Critically reviewing #GlobalEdSsChat responses (Why did this tweet get so many Retweets? Likes?)
      • Digging deeper into a response to a question or idea and research it in small groups or as a class
      • Discussing ideas presented during the chat in small groups or as a class
      • Linking ideas from the chat to current events in the news and looking for connections
      • Discussing some of the responses as they relate to Digital Citizenship
  • When the chat is over Logout of Twitter.
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