GlobalEdSsChat January 2020: Do Your Homework!?


K-12 Tweet and Talk*:       Tuesday January 14th, 1:00PM – 1:30PM EST

K-12 Slow Chat:                   All month long!

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Detailed information about our chats can be found here.


1. Do you think homework is important? Why or why not?

2. How has homework affected you (positively and/or negatively)? Explain

3. What alternatives to homework can you suggest?

4. Many say homework teaches responsibility. Do you agree with this? Explain.

5. What type of homework do you enjoy the most/learn the most from?

*The same 5 questions will be used for the Slow Chat all month long. We recommend classes spend time answering the questions ahead of time so time during the chat can be spent liking tweets, retweeting, quoting tweets in reply, and collaborating with others.



Tweet and Talk Expert on Panel

Dr. Ilene Winokur has lived in Kuwait for 35 years and recently retired as the Director of the Foundation Program Unit (Math and English) at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). She taught and was an administrator at the early childhood and elementary levels, in addition to teaching and administration at the college level in private institutions in Kuwait for twenty-five years. She is currently blogging about her experiences living in Kuwait and providing support to refugee teachers.

Following the scheduled Tweet and Talk, the recording of the Tweet and Talk will be available on our website, and on our YouTube Channel for classes to use as a provocation.

If you are interested in having a few students from your class join #GlobalEdSsChat Lead Students on panel for a Tweet and Talk please contact us!

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