ONedSsChat April Chat: Save Our Environment


K-12 Tweet and Talk*:       Tuesday April 9th, 10:00AM – 10:30AM

K-12 Slow Chat:                   All month long!

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*The Tweet and Talk Live Event lasts for approximately 30 minutes, but the Tweet and Talk Twitter Chat will continue after the Live Event ends for the remaining 30 minutes.

If you are interested in having a few students from your class join #ONedSsChat Student Leads on panel for a Tweet and Talk please contact us!


Following the scheduled Tweet and Talk (YouTube Live Event), the recording of the Tweet and Talk will be posted on our website, and on our YouTube Channel for classes to use as a provocation.


Save Our Environment

1. What is climate change and how is it affecting us?

2. Why is it important for students to understand climate change?

3. Do you think Greta Thunberg’s initiative #FridaysforFuture #ClimateStrike is helping climate change? Why or why not?

4. Would you #ClimateStrike? Who would support you? What barriers/ challenges might you encounter?

5.What kinds of things are you, or others doing to help the environment?

*These same 5 questions will be used for the Slow Chat all month long. Where necessary, questions have been reworded for younger Tweeters. We recommend classes spend time answering the questions ahead of time so time during the chat can be spent liking tweets, retweeting, quoting tweets in reply, and collaborating with others.

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ONedSsChat Expert: Allie Rougeot

Allie is a completing a double Major in Economics and Public Policy at the University of Toronto, but have most importantly has been a human and environmental rights activist since she was about 10 years old. Allie grew up in South of France. She is involved in campus sustainable movements, to educate her peers and to push the UofT administration to be more sustainable. She is also the person taking the lead on the Fridays For Future Toronto movement, in order to support students to voice their demands and concerns regarding the ecological crisis we face. It is Allie’s belief that for the a younger generation, witnessing the destruction of their future is extremely distressing, and through the movement she hopes they feel empowered, while she also hopes the movement serves as a wake up call to older generations who make decisions and vote! Follow Allie on Twitter!

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